Choosing The Right Health Club

Health clubs are often referred to by many names; fitness clubs, health spas, fitness centres or, more popularly, gyms.

Whatever the name, however, health clubs are simply places that house exercise equipment for physical exercise purposes.

These equipments usually range from cardiovascular training-related equipments like stationary exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills and rowing machines to free weights like dumbbells, barbells and exercise machines.

Some health clubs also offer exercise classes headed by fitness instructors.

These classes include boxing or martial arts, high intensity training, yoga, muscle training aqua aerobics for health clubs with swimming pools, cycling and aerobics.

There are many benefits to being a member of a health club. Some of them are:

Access To Gym Equipments

The average American Fitness -2HP Treadmill costs over $600. With such a price tag, not all home gyms can boast of such a machine.

Health clubs provide a vast array of these equipments for the use of patrons. And this is done at no added cost other than the membership fees.


As stated above, most of the newer health clubs provide group fitness classes.

These classes serve to provide a form of variety to an individual’s workout routine.


¬†Joining a health club gives people the opportunity to make new friends and vastly expand one’s network.

Health Benefits

This fact cannot be overstated since it is even present in the name of the club.

A well-designed gym fitness plan should incorporate both aerobic and strength training exercises.

This serves to improve the overall health of the patron and it also gets rid of excess fat in the process. Also, enrolling in a good health club brings about a positive change in muscle composition, prevents osteoporosis, improves balance and bodily flexibility.

Stress Relief

Physical fitness activities, though rigorous, boost the brain’s pleasure center and this in turn results in an increase in the production of endorphins which is credited with giving humans a more positive and brighter emotional mien.

Exercising also reduces both physical and mental tension.

Whatever an individual’s reasons for joining an health club, however, there are some factors to be considered. These are:


The health club must be close enough for each trip not to be an inconvenience.

Enrolling in a health club requires both physical and mental enthusiasm and readiness. If the club is too far, one might be discouraged from making frequent trips.

Availability Of Equipment

Before opting to join a new health club, one must ensure that the equipment relevant to the exercising regime are available.

If an individual is interested in aqua aerobics, he or she must ensure that a pool is available in the health club.

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