Consider the cost

Before signing up for membership at any health club, one must ask appropriate questions about billing options and cancellation policies.

Some patrons constantly complain of automatic billing even when the termination of their  membership with the health club.

Also, one should ask what the membership fee includes.

Questions should be asked about the gym’s cancellation policy and what services would attract additional charges. In some clubs, some classes attract additional charges info on

For some elite health clubs, membership and personal training fees can be as high as $1500.

However, most clubs have affordable rates and even with that, that have discount seasons.

Many health clubs offer discounted rates at the peak joining times; the beginning of the  New Year and in September when students return to school.

Number of members

Overcrowding is often an issue in many health clubs. So, with this in mind, an individual should ensure that the health club he or she is interested in has enough equipment for the total population of patrons.

Also, one should find out how busy the health club gets during the peak times.

At times, there are queues around workout equipments so if an individual does not want to waste time standing around while waiting for equipment, he or she should plan a workout schedule.

Also, it is advisable to go for a health club with many cardio equipments since these machines tend to fill up during the peak hours.

If there are enough machines, there would be less of a worry about overcrowding.

Joining a health club has never been easier. The average membership fee for health clubs ranges from $15-50 per month.


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